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DV Résumés’ Process

DV Résumés has a staff of professional résumé writers, one of which will be assigned to you. We will create your custom-written document quickly and efficiently. We will deliver it to you without delay.  Our exclusive 5 Steps to Success™ System minimizes your time and costs, while providing you with the most professional document available.

“Look for résumé writers who do over-the-phone interviews or present job seekers with extensive questionnaires to really get at each person’s experience.”

The Sacramento BeeAugust 15, 2010

5 Steps to Success™

1. Complete the appropriate questionnaire. (Already have a résumé? No need to do double work! Please forward it to us along with your Questionnaire and omit any information already contained in your résumé.)

DV Résumés has developed and copyrighted six specialized questionnaires to help us quickly create your personalized document of choice. We have a specialized questionnaire for each of the documents we offer: Résumés, Cover Letters, Interview Thank You Notes, and Follow-Up Letters. Click here to choose the document you want to purchase.

To begin the 5 Steps to Success™, simply download our questionnaire and fill it out at your leisure. Once it is completed, email it to us at or Contact Us if you prefer to mail or fax.

2. We contact you to schedule your personal, one-on-one 15 minute phone consultation.
Following receipt of your questionnaire(s) and review by our staff of professional writers, you will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule your personal, one-on-one 15 minute phone consultation.

3. During your scheduled consultation we will discuss the creation of your custom-written document(s) over the phone. Your personal, one-on-one 15 minute phone consultation provides the details we need to truly personalize your document(s). You will speak directly with the professional, experienced, and friendly résumé writer who will write your document. Your résumé writer will get to know you and learn more about the position you are seeking so that we can present you professionally.

At the end of the consultation, we will request your payment information. We want you to feel confident and comfortable before you proceed with your purchase, unlike our competitors, who require payment without any personal consultation. For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards. For additional payment options, please Contact Us.

4. Our professional résumé writers create the perfect document for you, and deliver it to you in 24 – 72 hours. Upon receipt of payment, we will custom-write your document and have it in your email inbox in 24 – 72 hours for your final approval. It will be sent to you as email attachments in three formats (Microsoft Word 97-2003, Adobe PDF, and ASCII (Plain Text)).

The advantages of providing your document in these formats are:

• Microsoft Word 97-2003 documents are common and familiar, easy to print, easy to attach to email, and easy to modify yourself if your address or other contact information changes. They are also very easy to mail, fax, or scan once printed. Microsoft Word 97-2003 files are compatible with many different versions of Microsoft Word.

• Adobe PDFs look the same no matter what type of computer is used to view them. They are also compact, and are therefore easier for some email systems to handle. Some employers request résumés to be submitted as PDFs.

• ASCII or Plain Text files are easy to input into online forms. They can simply be ‘cut and pasted’ without formatting issues. They can be emailed to anyone, right in the body of the email. They are also easy to modify yourself if your address or other contact information changes. Many employers request résumés to be submitted in ASCII (Plain Text).

5. You review and approve your document. We stand behind our work! Your document will be perfectly written and error-free. If you find your document to be inaccurate in any way, we will gladly make the necessary changes free of charge, and re-deliver your corrected document in 24 – 72 hours.